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US-4479714-A: Reflection densitometer with ellipsoid reflection surface patent, US-4484292-A: High speed machine for the physical design of very large scale integrated circuits patent, US-4492145-A: Feeding mechanism for a gas operated machine gun patent, US-4612374-A: Tris-azetidinedione derivative 1,3,5-triazin-2,4,6-triones patent, US-4875753-A: Fiber optic connectors patent, US-5035053-A: Shaving apparatus patent, US-5043479-A: Chemically and optically pure diisopinocampheylhaloboranes patent, US-5121953-A: Locking ring assembly for utility meters patent, US-5138053-A: Method for producing thiadiazine compounds patent, US-5181047-A: Thermal head patent, US-5307670-A: Misfire discriminating method for an engine patent, US-5311437-A: Materials selector tool patent, US-5541410-A: Reduced diameter retractable cylindrical mirror analyzer patent, US-5684232-A: High stability peanut patent, US-5777044-A: Coupling of polymers made by cationic polymerization patent, US-5816966-A: Bicycle front deraileur with a smooth gear switching mechanism patent, US-6072298-A: Method and apparatus for controlling a multi-phase electric motor with a linear rate of current patent, US-6072750-A: Method for producing seismic pulses patent, US-6167422-A: Booth multiplication structure which selectively integrates the function of either of incrementing or negating with the function of booth multiplication patent, US-6254229-B1: Filter for an inkjet printhead patent, US-6280018-B1: Automatic ink-jet pen loading/unloading patent, US-6375619-B1: Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus patent, US-6424767-B2: Method for producting an optical fiber cord and an optical fiber tape cord patent, US-6526024-B1: Synchronization of asynchronous back-pressure from one destination to multiple sources patent, US-6554190-B1: Bar code reader and its misreading detecting method patent, US-6676456-B1: Spring plate structure patent, US-6708204-B1: Terminal apparatus having network communication capabilities patent, US-6771600-B2: Packet insertion interval control system and packet insertion interval control method patent, US-6787654-B2: Method for producing 2-chloro-5-chloromethyl-1,3-thiazole patent, US-3919057-A: Process for the electrochemical fluorination of organic acid halides patent, US-3933791-A: Obtention of digitoxigenin from neriifolin and 2'-acetylneriifolin patent, US-3958941-A: Apparatus for measuring content of organic carbon patent, US-3966241-A: Yarn knot patent, US-3999491-A: Elevationally adjustable folding stage patent, US-4054328-A: Automatic antilock control system patent, US-4079374-A: Digital resolver-tracking loop patent, US-4082725-A: Flame retardant plastic compositions patent, US-4129866-A: Method of scanning a radar antenna to effect improved radar operation patent, US-4180012-A: Fish egg incubator with fry release means patent, US-4189710-A: Method and apparatus for detecting errors in a transmitted code patent, US-4339572-A: Fortimicin B derivatives and process for production thereof patent, US-4349135-A: Aerosol container valve mounting patent, US-4413552-A: Coffee making machine patent, US-4561754-A: Voltage control apparatus for a camera patent, US-4581233-A: Drugs based on extracts of algae, and corresponding formulations patent, US-4608934-A: Knife holder assembly for a cut pile tufting machine and process of assembling the same patent, US-4655779-A: Air system prosthesis for amputees patent, US-4716900-A: Intraintestinal bypass graft patent, US-4814547-A: Cable connector patent, US-4823255-A: Method of creating program for drilling holes patent, US-4874183-A: Four-wheel steering apparatus of a vehicle patent, US-4946269-A: Colored contact lens patent, US-5012943-A: Segmented interlocking tracks produced by injection molds patent, US-5052232-A: Magnetoelastic torque transducer patent, US-5224491-A: Implantable electrode for location within a blood vessel patent, US-5275084-A: Reinforced slide configuration for automatic pistol patent, US-5327596-A: Combination spring/foam cushioning patent, US-5393894-A: Process for the preparation of N-ethylcarbazole patent, US-5394730-A: Method and apparatus for generating a vapor/gas mixture, and uses therefor patent, US-5483065-A: Electron beam microanalyzer patent, US-5576834-A: Optical wavemeter utilizing numerical fraction difference of pulses for determining absolute wave length patent, US-5679045-A: Arrangement for transferring electric current to a propulsion device provided with an electric motor in a ship or equivalent patent, US-5696532-A: Method for controlling devices for pointing the cursor on the screen of interactive systems, and logic unit for carrying out said method patent, US-5739413-A: Forced dilution system and method for emissions measurement systems patent, US-5764526-A: Dynamic propagation delay calculation using an array of storage cells patent, US-5774385-A: Method and apparatus for data compression patent, US-5823828-A: Smart card connector with slidable cover patent, US-5884482-A: Combustion engine of turbocompound type with exhaust gas brake patent, US-5992356-A: Opposed piston combustion engine patent, US-6124814-A: Digital to analog converter having improved noise and linearity performance patent, US-6142822-A: Electrical connector having LED device patent, US-6176400-B1: Garment supporting stand patent, US-6180918-B1: Method for making a welded joint patent, US-6303642-B1: Use of 2-methyl-thiazolidine-2,4-dicarboxylic acid as a mucolytic agents patent, US-6326616-B1: Curved introduction for mass spectrometry patent, US-6532671-B1: Tension adjustment device for a chain saw patent, US-6606305-B1: Apparatus, method and system for automatic telecommunication conferencing and broadcasting patent, US-6636972-B1: System and method for building an executable script for performing a network security audit patent, US-6776048-B2: Tribological test apparatus patent, US-3905598-A: Tennis racket hand grip patent, US-3908658-A: Seal and appliance for ostomy patients patent, US-4019253-A: Means and method for producing custom artificial dentures patent, US-4094580-A: Hermaphrodite optical fiber connector patent, US-4100347-A: 3,4-Dihydro-2-methyl-4-oxo-2H-1,2-benzothiazine-3-carboxylic acid-1,1-dioxide patent, US-4128572-A: Process for preparing phenylacetic acid patent, US-4137997-A: Lubricating and cooling system for spindle bearing assembly patent, US-4174445-A: Preparation of arthropodicidally active substituted triazine-2,4-diones patent, US-4221241-A: Lug strap connector for looms patent, US-4226200-A: Automatic transmission casing patent, US-4238120-A: Sealing device for sinter cooler patent, US-4260919-A: Variable speed electric motor transmission patent, US-4261063-A: Titanium or titanium alloy pin to be fixed in long bones patent, US-4306427-A: Chrysoberyl gemstones patent, US-4403988-A: Syringe assembly patent, US-4467480-A: Toilet bowl water conditioner patent, US-4482250-A: Method for identifying timber surface properties patent, US-4492037-A: Liquid leveling device patent, US-4512590-A: Roller skate patent, US-4549392-A: Yarn splicing device for spun yarns patent, US-4580745-A: Aircraft cockpit canopy patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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